Bed Bugs Knoxville Tennessee?

Over the past six years, bed bugs have begun to make a comeback across Knoxville Tennessee and the United States and they have come back with a bite! They are showing up in hotels and homes more and more everyday throughout Knoxville Tennessee. These hotels are not just your run down sleazy hotels, but are five star hotels as well. Bed bugs in Knoxville Tennessee are becoming a bigger problem each year in homes and hotels. This has been linked to the changes in some pest control products and treatment methods that Knoxville Tennessee pest control companies use.

These crazy little bugs are blood feeders that do not feed on your normal pest control baits that pest control companies use. International travel has been linked to the spread of Bed Bugs in Knoxville Tennessee and really all of East Tennessee because their eggs, young Bed Bugs, and adult Bed Bugs are readily transported in luggage, clothing, bedding, and  home furniture. There has been no research found that these little bugs spread any diseases. But there is one thing not to forget? Bed Bugs in Knoxville Tennessee are a human pest. They do not like the hairy skin of a dog or cat. These little bugs like the smooth skin of a human.

Through much research and study there has been treatment programs put together to help control these little pests. We at Tennessee Pest Solutions have worked with national entomologists and have come up with a Bed Bug program that works and has had less than 1% callbacks or re treatments. We understand your reputation is at hand and the image that you want to uphold at your place of business and also your home. Let Tennessee Pest Solutions help protect your reputation and rid these these pests from you home or business.

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