Bed Bug Treatment Tips

bed bug treatment tips

Bed Bug Treatment Tips

 Inspection is very important when it comes to bed bugs!
  • You need to carefully inspect your entire infestation area with a flashlight, to help identify all infestation areas. Bed bugs can be found in uncommon places such as shoe boxes, smoke detectors, books, electronic equipment, etc.

Reduce the Clutter throughout each room

  • Remove every item from floor,  the underside of bed, and also the closet floors. After inspection you need to treat and carefully remove of all  bed bug infested items from the rooms.

Vacuum Thoroughly is very important

  • Vacuum up all visible bed bugs the you find. Move the furniture at least 2-3 feet from each wall. Vacuum the carpet throughout each room, underneath furniture and in the closets. Be very careful when removing the bed bug infested vacuum bag.

Treat Along Carpet Edges. This is a bed bug highway that they travel from room to room

  • Pull back the carpet from the baseboards and apply a dust or pest control spray with an appropriate bed bug insecticide.

Cracks & Crevices; Wall Voids. Don’t forget this important part of bed bug treatments.

  • Treat all the cracks and crevices throughout, wall and  room furniture voids, behind all picture frames, behind the bed headboard and all other carpeted surfaces.

Wash & Dry on High Heat

  • Launder all bed linens and personal clothing on high heat in the dryer. Place all your items that cannot be laundered in dryer on high heat for twenty minutes.

We hope these bed bug treatment tips will help in doing your own bed bug treatments. Sometimes certain bed bug treatment situations will require a professional bed bug company to fully rid them from your home or place of business. If this becomes your situation Tennessee Pest Solutions is here to help you and give you peace of mind so you can rest in peace again.

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