Which Bed Bug Treatment is Best

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which bed bug treatment is best

Bed Bug Treatment Tips

This is a question that we get ask a lot at Tennessee Pest Solutions when talking about bed bugs in Knoxville. There are many pest control companies in Knoxville Tennessee and surrounding areas. Each pest control company has their silver bullet so to speak that they are trying to sell you as the best bed bug treatment out there today. Some will tell the freezing is the best when treating for bed bugs. Then others will tell that heat treatment for bed bugs is the only proven bed bug treatment out there that will completely get rid your home or business of your bed bugs. So the question is still which bed bug treatment is the best? First I would like to say that all the treatment methods I talked about earlier are good selling points for each of the companies that offer them as their bed bug treatment methods. But when your treating for bed bugs you can not take any chances! We have worked with some of the top entomologists in the country and they have told us that no matter if your using the freezing method or heating method when treating for bed bugs you still have to apply a chemical product with your treatment. You can not and do not want to take chances when treating for bed bugs. That is why Tennessee Pest Solutions has put together a customized bed bug treatment program to completely eliminate bed bugs from your home or business so you can rest in peace again. So when you ask the question which bed bug treatment is the best? I hope our blog post helps you answer that question. If it does not or you have more questions you would like to ask about bed bugs please give us a call at our office. We are here to help you!


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