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Honey bees and Killer bees have become more of a problem throughout Tennessee and the US the last few years. Bees are trying to locate an area in which they can build a hive or habitat to call their own. These areas could be the roof line of your home, attic, trees, chimneys, cracks or voids in your brick that would allow access to the inner wall voids or simply any area that can be accessed and protects their hive.

Honey bees can reach up to 20,000 to 80,000 bees per colony. Honey bees swarm when the colony becomes too large or their space becomes too small. The colony then produces a new Queen bee and the old Queen leaves the hive with a large number of bees to establish a new hive. These bees that have left the original hive are called swarmers and they are the ones that will invade your home for refuge and killer bees are social insects and live as colonies in hives, a mature colony.

Honey bees and Killer bees†are plenteous and bring many concerns for businesses and the homeowner. These are a few of the concerns that would warrant complete Dallas bee removal of the bees and hive from your home or property. Honey could spoil and cause a foul smell Attracts other insects and pests (ants, roaches, rats or rodents etc.) If hive and honey left could attract other bee colonies and problem would keep reoccurring.

There are many that will tell you that it is not necessary to remove the hive, but to rid your home or business completely of this nuisance and problems with the bee colony you must remove hive and honey or it will remain a constant source of attraction for bees and other pests.


Tennessee Pest Solutions specializes in Knoxville/East Tennessee Bee removal. We take great pride in our work so that we can offer an outstanding warranty on our services. We Guarantee it for two years after our Knoxville/East Tennessee Bee Removal is done. If  the honey Bees come back? We comeback and do the Knoxville/East Tennessee bee removal again for free. We have consistent ongoing continuing education for our technicians, and each technician holds the highest license in the state of Tennessee.

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Terrific experience – the call center was very knowledgable, and the technician was very thorough, informative, and trustworthy. Pricing was very reasonable. We will definitely use them again.

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