Tennessee Pest Solutions provides termite treatments in Knoxville / East Tennessee.

It does not matter how your home is built, where it is located and how old or new it may be. Your home could be attacked by subterranean termites at any time in Knoxville / East Tennesee. Subterranean termites are a threat across 70% of the world. They cause $5 billion worth of termite damage each year in the United States alone. This termite damage is not covered by most homeowners policies and damage that can go undetected for many years.

Subterranean termite’s have the ability to masterfully avoid detection. This is what makes them so dangerous for any business or home owner. Just another good reason to get a termite treatment inspection done annually by Tennessee Pest Solutions.



Step 1: Get professional help!

Tennessee Pest Solutions is a termite company that has the training in termite biology and behavior to identify, prevent, or responsibly treat termite problems before they get out of control.
We use the most advanced and effective termite treatment products available on the market to help prevent current and future problems for your home in Knoxville / East Tennesee.

The first thing we will do is perform a thorough termite treatment inspection of your home. The purpose of this termite inspection is to determine if, where, and how the termites are getting in your home. In order to find food (wood-cellulose) and moisture, termites will squeeze through cracks as narrow as the thickness of a sheet of paper. Expansion joints, foundation cracks, tiny gaps around plumbing, and electrical service entries are potential entry points.

Every accessible inch of the house that comes into contact with the ground will be examined, and the entire structure will be termite inspected for signs of damaged wood and termite shelter tubes.

During our termite inspection Tennessee Pest Solutions will locate any termite activity and explain how to correct any conducive conditions in your home or bussiness that invite termites.



Step 2: Employ the best defense: TERMIDOR (HE) Termite Treatment

If the termite treatment inspection reveals termites, Tennessee Pest Solutions can get rid of them and keep them from returning. If your home is currently free from termites, Congratulations! Now, it is time for us to take preventative action to ensure it stays that way. For the fastest, most effective way to address either situation, we recommend TERMIDOR HE termite treatment, Americas #1 Termite Defense Product.

There are lots of termite control products available today in Knoxville. Determining which one is the best solution for your termite control problem is as simple as learning why Termidor has rapidly become the #1 termite defense product in East Tennessee and the United States. Termidor is made from a revolutionary non-repellant, or (undetectable), chemical technology. In numerous trials across the United States and around the world, Termidor has consistently proven itself to be the fastest and most effective at eliminating termites in structures. The Termidor termite treatment is proving to be equally effective in keeping termites away. Ongoing field trials by the United States department of Agriculture show no signs of termites at all study sites more than ten years after treatment with Termidor—- results that no other termite pest control product can match.

Step 3: Schedule regular professional check-ups

A clean bill of health from a doctor today doesn’t mean it is not important for you to get regular checkups in the future by a professional termite company. Your home after a Termidor termite treatment is no different. Regular termite inspections by Tennessee Pest Solutions will make sure your Termidor termite treatment continues to do its job, and that your home remains termite-free for as long as you live there.


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